Aitech lands in Australia hand in hand with DigitalDM

We are excited to announce the arrival of Aitech’s technology to Asia Pacific. We came to an agreement with DigitalDM, a company specialized in building digital solutions, and started working right ahead to develop our first project in Australia.


#DiscoverNeverland, building Pan’s promotional campaign

The fantasy adventure film produced by Warner Bros reaches Australia accompanied by a great cast. Based on the 1902 novel by J. M. Barrie, the new production is adapted to the expectations of the younger generations, and so is the promotional campaign.

The release of the movie is always a great time to engage users with fine experiences. Aitech, in concert with its partner DigitalDM, have developed an application specifically for oOH! Media touchscreen panels located nearby cinemas throughout Australia. Kids are encouraged to help Pan navigate the maze to Neverland. When the mission is completed, parents can enter their email address to receive a Pan prize for their children.

Are you interested in interactive solutions to promote movie releases? Read about our projects here. We are experts on building brand experiences in retail. Contact us to kick off a new project!


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