Introducing, our partner in Scotland

Only three years since we started to collaborate with and the projects we have developed so far are beyond any initial expectations. We have not only mastered The North Face integrated shopping experience but also we have created long-life experiences for kids at Glasgow Science Centre and Glasgow Southern General Hospital – Children’s Outpatients Atrium. The two best educational installations in our portfolio.

New horizons for aiMirror equipped with Kinect 2

Our two latest educational and recreational applications targeted at children have been developed for Southern General Hospital in Glasgow (SGH), a hospital which is updating its approach to child patients.

Interactive Storybook

The project consists in an application we have created for children to experience an illustrated interactive story. Users are embedded into the story and can interact with the key elements on screen. Ducks, cows, foxes and fishes will come along dancing, singing and responding in different ways to kids interactions. Kids will be surprised to travel from a farm to outer space at SGH Children’s Outpatients Atrium.

Delay and Disappear

Another magic installation for Glasgow Southern General Hospital that allows users to magically “disappear” or watch themselves with a delay while the rest of the world keeps its pace in real time. Much better than Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak!


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